Have YOU been to China?

Realtor by day, Salsera by night!

Oki! (Hello!) I am China Moon and reside right outside of Madison with mi Cariño and teenage daughter Bright Rain. Like my friends and clients, I am quite diverse; my father, a former United States Marine, is Blackfoot (Siksika) Native American and my mother, an early childhood teacher for over 18 years, is of Laotian and Egyptian descent.

Various people, situations and opinions are a specialty of mine.

I currently teach Latin dance (Samba, Merengue, Bachata, Puerto Rican and Cuban Salsa) here in Wisconsin, and have taught in Chicago back home in the boroughs of New York. I am a 5-year Artist member of the Wisconsin Dance Council and am the owner and choreographer of “The Salsa Shack” Dance & Production Company for children and young adults ages 6 – 18 here in Madison, WI. My involvements in these many groups have enhanced my personal and professional life extensively while bringing me closer to life.

I welcome questions from those in the Madison area and surrounding suburbs with their local real estate questions.

Always remember:

  • The agent brings the market, the market brings the price.
  • Overpriced listings don’t sell your home, they sell the competition.

Some know China Moon from ‘The Salsa Shack’ Dance Company, some know China Moon as an Agent with The Stark Company.

Wherever you know me from whether it be from teaching you Salsa or teaching how the Market works, I’ll take care of you.



You can find great local Waunakee, Wisconsin real estate information on Localism.com China Moon Crowell is a proud member of the ActiveRain Real Estate Network, a free online community to help real estate professionals grow their business.


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