Posted by: China Moon | December 14, 2007

The little girl with the thin skin speaks up to correct the record

Zillow, Active Rain and other boards are discussing my alleged spamming. The point of my original post under Buyers on the Zillow board was meant for the Waunakee WI area hence is why I placed that in my sentence. Because I misplaced the thread; someone could have showed me the door to the correct area instead I was showered with insults and such. Fine, so be it. I’m responding here as me posting there will only feed the flames.

I received this from Zillow: …there are a number of ways to market yourself on Zillow, but Zillow Discussions is not a place to advertise one’s services. It is meant as a place for users to get helpful advice.” My thinking was that a discussion board wasn’t of course meant to spread my name all over the place but, to offer up news, information, and such things of Value to possible consumers and those just skimming through. This way I can only respond to questions not initiate real estate news on a real estate board?

My article post was considered SPAM. Understood and point adultly taken; but the purpose wasn’t to break the rules or bring my personal services into it; it was meant to bring a relevant article to the attention of the Town of Waunakee/surrounding neighboring area residents, not the U.S. discussion board.

No, no one had ever brought up my tag line being of a sexual or sensual nature before this. My tag line, “Have you been to China” came about due to reviews a couple of my Buyers gave me when speaking of me at company party. “Have you been to China? She worked with us through relocation for a couple months and asked questions I didn’t even know to ask.” (This is what I was told and is not verbatim)

Any who, it stuck and many others began to use it when they happened to hear of me. Thus name recognition from that breaks the ice and get people to smile and speak.


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