Posted by: China Moon | December 13, 2007

From Madison Real Estate agent to Chinese Hooker/heroin pusher? PT 1

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been back here. I had some family things to attend to and what not.

I had a rude awakening on my way back; earlier this week I received an email pertaining to Zillow dot com. After registering and looking around I went in and posted an article under the Buyers section. I gave a couple of quotes, supplied the author and cited the necessities.

Surely I’m the new kid on the block within these waters; I presented an article I thought was interesting and relevant to the Buyers Forum and placed my professional opinion not a sales pitch.

The next thing I know, I’m a Chinese hooker with a name for heroin who doesn’t have sense God gave a fleas ass.

Hmmm, go figure.


I would appreciate your comments (if you have any) to be posted here on this WordPress blog. Thanks…

So… here is what was posted. And then there are the comments that followed:

I responded to one male who said, and I quote, “Your “profession” doesn’t even require a high school diploma. It is utterly ridiculous to pretend otherwise and align yourselves with those who spend years attaining an education!”

After that I figured it was a lost cause and they kept rolling in, I mean wave after wave baby. WHOOOO! It reminded me of those commercials about people surviving the workweek. Calling it a battlefield would be placing it lightly.

After all the lawyer jokes I’ve heard over the years, I have a small hunch how an attorney feels; at first. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a thick skin like any inner city NYer but who would have thought being over 30 I would hear stuff like this from people my age and older?

Some fellow participants from ActiveRain dropped me an email and told me how appalled they were. Wow, that was nice. I wasn’t expecting that.
Melissa Sieg of PA wrote a blog (don’t forget to come back here) herself of the events, feel free to view the comments there as well.

Bottom line is this (as I stated in Melissa’s blog) “my job as a Realtor and agent is to ask the hard questions get customers and clients where they need to be, on time.”

Glad to be back among the living.

From my daughter & I to you, Happy Holidays All.



  1. I read your blog on Zillow and enjoyed the info you linked to in the NYT, I had not seen that map before, great information for consumers in your market. Keep up the good blogging.

    I have seldom seen anything like the comments that were left on your post, it is like a feeding frenzy.

  2. Wow…I just started this blog thing last week and after reading the wrath you had to endure, I have to say I’m a little freaked out! I grew up in a small rural town and don’t have the “thick skin” you mention.

    I felt your comments were appropriate–in fact I just blogged about markets being local and there is a Realtor in St. Paul who also just wrote a blog about Real Estate being local.

    Hope all is well and that you have recovered from the attack.

    Kara Thomas

  3. Too too much. I’m in Charlotte NC, and we are verifiably defying the national trends– and I frequently get trashed by the CW doom and gloomers. My only give in their direction is that the NAR has so filled the air with smoke that some blowback is not surprising.

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