Posted by: China Moon | May 16, 2007

My Madison Generation X and Y Peers…

“If your clothes, shoes and car look better and cost more than where you rest your head at night, please make a visit to China…”

Just a note on what I’m seeing out here in the Dane County with the young folks, and yes I’m one of you to an extent…

The process of getting the keys to your own personal crib may seem stressful in the beginning but it is so awesome people. To see your son(s) or daughter(s) play in your own yard, have family over to your own place and know that when and if you decide to move in 5-7 years, your home would have appreciated in value AT LEAST 5.5-6% EACH YEAR since you bought it. Making it possible to make your next home purchase bigger and better. When you rent you fatten the pockets of your landlord. Did you know you can even acquire YOUR OWN income property so that OTHERS can pay you rent for a change?!

Am I preaching? No. Am I bragging? No. What am I doing? I’m trying to enlighten my friends and neighbors with knowledge. Your first home may not be your dream home, if you haven’t made the best choices, you can change things financial wise.

If your credit needs work, FIX IT and STOP waiting. There are over 200 programs available for low income people, 1st time home owners, etc. Yes, you can ask me for help. Anything we discuss is confidential.

When you’re sick & tired of being sick and tired, you will make the needed changes. When coming home to a nice place that is yours is more important to you than that pack of cigarettes, new Baby Phat jeans, or that new overpriced ride, you’ll know. Not everyone can afford or even wants that MTV type crib they saw on cable. It doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be YOURS.

Make yourselves and your children proud of you. It takes one to know one and that is why I made this statement.

Enjoy the sun today people…

Respectfully Yours,

~China Moon, Realtor®

China & her daughter Rain

China Moon & her daughter Rain




  1. China..

    You are a salesperson who is definitely enthusiastic about her product. You should do very well.

    AS a parent, I have rented and I have owned property. I can tell you for a fact that owning your own home will provide your children with a better environment.

    Besides, do you really want your daughter to get picked up for Prom night at your slummy apartment! C’mon!

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