Posted by: China Moon | March 8, 2007

Tough Love = Your desired results

I know, I know. Sometimes you think an agent is being to nosy or trying to pry. Mmmm, a shady one might. Me; I’m one of the great ones. I ask because there’s a reason. A few good reasons.

When I know your motivation, what drives you I can better help you. Thus we can work together more efficiently.

Some hard questions that were ‘irritating’ at first but placed things in perspective when all’s said and done:

  • Why/What is your reason for moving to (Fill in Name of City here….) in (Fill in Name of Month here….)?
  • I’ve showed you the means in pricing your home properly right out of the gate {A} and you think we should price it at {B} ‘just to see if we can get it.
  • Understandable; now if we get to (Fill in Name of Month here….) and your home isn’t sold for {B}, what will you do?
  • Will you leave your family here with the other decision maker until it gets sold or will you all move and leave the house here until it sells? (remember insurance…)
  • What’s your Plan B?

These are just some of the hard questions that we must discuss and lay out on the table; I don’t like surprises and homeowners and buyers dislike them even more… So, when we’re all on the same page you are more apt to receive desirable results.

As always, when you’re ready with your questions; I’ll be ready with some answers and some questions of my own.



~China Moon ::: China{at}

John Nolen Drive heading towards downtown Madison

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