Posted by: China Moon | January 31, 2007

Black History Month begins Tomorrow

…It seems we no longer have what others seem to get. A long-term plan; The BIG picture. Now before some of my readers threaten to have my ‘ghetto pass’ revoked, hear me out.

While growing up in New York; Long Island, the Bronx, taking the train over to my moms old Green Ave stomping ground in Brooklyn… Although there were brownstones as far as the eye could see, there weren’t many houses in the city. I also remember adults yelling out of windows, cooking and coming home from work and sitting on the stoop complaining about their bosses, the day, the landlord… The landlord. Banging on the radiator for the rent man/lady to send up the heat; sigh…

But you know one thing us kids (at the time) always did during the summer for AT LEAST ONE MONTH? We visited relatives across the country, grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts, uncles, and cousins for days on end. All of our relatives had homes and not just a place to rest their heads, they had HOUSE NOTES.

The homey kitchens where we ate, laughed and talked in, the living rooms where we wrestled and got yelled at for knocking over some lamp from some years ago, the backyard with the big brick grill, were all ours. Well, our relatives anyway. They bought it and it was there’s to paint, fix, attach, etc.


Now, when I drive to meet my students for their weekly salsa lessons here in Madison, I notice things. Sounds, smells and visions of this place called Madison WI…

I see people in older model cars with rims that cost more than the frame they are riding in. I see Cadillac Escalades, Chrysler 300’s and Lexus’ parked in some shady residential complexes and who can stroll through East Towne without seeing scruffy clothes and bright white sneakers?

The people who’ve done everything I’ve listed in this past paragraph over the age of 40. Forty! How do I know? Because I ask! The squeaky wheel gets the oil and I would hate to assume anything.

Now, in saying that, there is nothing wrong with having an old car or a new car, old clothes or new clothes and the like. But, why would you constantly spend your hard earned money on rent when you plan on being in the same area for an extended period of time?

Home Ownership is just smart. What will that tricked out SUV and those custom made sneakers be doing for you in 10 years?

Get educated on stopping the rent race. You see those bad houses on cable television and state, ‘yea, I’mma have that some day…’When? If you started with a small home today, the equity you build while in that home will grow and grow. And, when you take care of it and put more effort into it (like most do their vehicles) you’ll be even that much closer! Many of us are trying to keep up with the Will & Jada’s, the Jay-Z’s and the Eva Longoria’s of our time. To get more in the long run you have to learn to kive within your means. Start small, work hard and put some elbow grease on what you do.

The usual time frame of being in a given home nowadays is about 5-7 years. Kids are born, grow up, and leave. Jobs relocate. Situations change. Kids come back home… There are many reasons.

I’ll step off my soapbox now; but get some information okay? My door, phone and email box is open to ANYONE who may have questions you maybe you don’t know what to ask. I am a Realtor® who is here to help you reach your goals, swiftly and soundly.

Dream it; BELIEVE it and you will achieve it. Take care…

FYI: (All genders & nationalities welcome, Stark and myself are equal opportunity businesses)

~China Moon


China {at}

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