Posted by: China Moon | January 29, 2007

Know where you’re from to get where you’re going

I’ll be bouncing around a bit here so just stay with me…

Buyers, where are you going? Sellers, are you up on your estate education? Are you coming into the market fresh? Ready to rid yourself of that lease with a quaint place all your own? Or perhaps you’re an empty nester looking into a condo because you no longer need that 5 bedroom bungalow. OR you’re ready to move into you dream home that you’ve been inching towards.

Whatever the case I always enjoy the chance to ask people about themselves during an interview. To me, I want to know where you’re coming from to determine where you’re going. Now, now, not to knock other Agents but does this sound familiar? An agent comes in and starts going through their schpeel: “I’m the best, top producing agent this side of the moon. I know Madison, Montana and planet Jupiter. I’ve sold over $20M this year (and it’s only January.) Please paint this, update that, plant these and sign here. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

WHAT THE…?!? I love being me. Different, a leader and a third party. Did YOU know some will not tell a customer/client in all honesty about their home? GASP! Remember, I’m not going to live with you; China Moon won’t be picking out your kitchen colors, window coverings or new shower curtains… I do however work differently than most; asking a few questions now keeps us both from surprises during and at the end of the home-buying process. Surprises. Yeah, not good…


Less than 5% of the homes sold are sold for cash outright. So… the right home loan will help get you into the market. Then, the market will help get you on point. Feel free to drop me a line and we’ll go out and find it!

Purchasing a home isn’t a one-step thing. It’s a process, a stepping stone if you will. There are things that you need (like shelter, food, garage) and, there are going to be things that you want (like a mansion, caviar, and a private airplane hangar.)

Being realistic plays a major factor in the home buying process (there’s that word again…) Many first time homebuyers don’t realize that their first home won’t be their dreamhome. Most times it’s gradual. I find that some who are in the low to moderate income households continue to rent until they think they can afford that big house. Only no one took the time (or they didn’t know where to ask) to tell them that what they’re paying for rent and then some, they could be building up equity. Think of all those years of paying rent and how much of that could have become built-up equity towards what you REALLY want!

It’s Madison; check out the suburbs. Even though you drive to work in the city of Madison doesn’t mean you have to live there. It’s okay to start small; a condo, duplex or even a townhouse is a GREAT starter home.

As always, call or email me with questions.

Respectfully at your service,

~ China Moon

China Moon


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