Posted by: China Moon | January 17, 2007

Did you hear the one about the Realtor and the Neighbor?…

Why don’t we take it from the top.

  1. Real estate is a job. Like any other, this is a job that people do for a living.
  2. Many Realtors are do not have college degrees, yet many do have a formal education. While being a member of this profession does not require higher education, many agents are extremely educated and credentialed.
  3. Real estate licensing requirements are too lenient. Hair stylists don’t have a much harder time than Realtors of obtaining a license allowing them to operate within their trade, yet you had better believe that I don’t use the services of just anybody (last hairstyle being the obvious exception). If your real estate experience has left you with a sour impression, I would suggest you didn’t pick the best representation.
  4. Real estate agents self-promote furiously. Well, duh! We are self-employed and in a service industry where we have one product to offer (and sell) our customers: Ourselves.
  5. All agents are not filthy rich. In fact, most agents make what would be considered by most to be a moderate income. Certainly when you consider the enormous costs, both time and money, and the hours we keep, I believe we are worth every penny. “

Read this article in full at: Bloodhound Blog, a site I read weekly. Let them know you heard about them from Smoke Signal when you pay them a visit!


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