Posted by: China Moon | January 11, 2007

Surprise, Trouble and Worry free. Have you been to China?

Good Thursday to you fellow readers!

I hope you all are buzzing about your day, milling about working, shopping, discussing last nights Presidential Address and making plans for the weekend. Just a bug in your ear about many who’re interested in buying and selling real estate really don’t know what we as Agents do for a living. Many times over we hear you get paid X amount of dollars to answer the phone and show people houses. Those who are on their 2nd, third home and some commercial property know the paperwork involved. The whole purpose of hiring an Agent is so that the work you want done gets done, quickly, for the most, efficiently, competently and, with NO surprises.

It’s okay to simply ask straight out,” What is it that you do and what can you do for me?” Watch, listen and come to your own conclusion… Is their response rehearsed? Scripted and mechanical or, is it sincere, natural and overall, do you get a good vibe from them in your gut?

If you are serious and motivated on becoming a homeowner or are in need of an Agent who knows how to negotiate on a sellers behalf as a third party please, feel free to drop me a line by email or at on the simple contact form. I welcome phone calls as well. My site is quite easy to navigate through. Enjoy!



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