Posted by: China Moon | December 20, 2006

No Frills vs. Educated Skills…

Is your idea of finding “The Perfect Home” scouring through the Sunday Encyclopedia (Newspaper) For Sale ads?

If you’re a stickler for precision excellence like myself, there is a better way to go about this. Instead of sitting down at the kitchen table with the paper all by your lonesome, get all the decision makers together and at that same kitchen table, interview Real Estate Agents who will ask YOU what YOU are looking for in a home.

The houses are out there and if it’s not it can be built; listen and see what I’m telling you. A REALTOR® like myself here in Madison WI can take note of what’s important to YOU in your next (or first) home. 2,3, 4 bedrooms? 2.75 baths? What is it that you simply CAN NOT live without? That brick or marble fireplace? A big backyard? How about a simple yet luxurious highrise condo away from it all yet close to everything? What’s important is that the decision is yours. (BEWARE of these friendly for now, list-it-and-forget-it-discounters.)

Buyers, take notes of the homes you like when you and your agent are out viewing homes. What did you like; what didn’t you like. If something can be corrected quickly will that particular property work for you? Although the smart agents will ‘pick your brain to help you help yourself, ASK QUESTIONS!

Take care and enjoy your Holidays Everyone! We wish you safe Seasons Greetings!

As always, I welcome your comments.

~China Moon, REALTOR®


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