Posted by: China Moon | November 3, 2006

Price isn’t the only relevant factor in a homes sale…

I know some new and seasoned sellers have heard this one before but, sometimes even a Real Estate Agent needs a refresher… Staged homes or those that are made ready to roll, show AND sell faster than those that aren’t. When you want to sell your dog’s puppies, your car even when you’ve a yard sale, you clean and straighten up don’t you? Why would your house be any different?

Remember when you place your house up for sale you’ve got to have a whole ‘nother state of mind. It may seem harsh, but reality tells us when the FOR SALE sign goes up it’s no longer your Home, it’s an item, “just a house…”

Should you want a quick and easy, ducks-in-a-row sale for top dollar, it’s a good idea to meet with an Agent who’ll give you an accurate view of your area with a CMA*. You’re going to be presenting a product to the public. You want it to be fresh; work on the kitchen, bathrooms and floors if need be.  A fresh coat of paint nuetral in color to open up the rooms. Remove family photos and extra clutter around foyers, inside closets and fireplace mantels. You’ll want the house to breathe.

To get an idea for your own home, visit 3-5 open houses on a Sunday. You’ll catch some that are excellent and some not so excellent. Then go from there. Ask yourself, wow, I wonder how they did this?… or What were they thinking? You’ll know.

Remember people, be aggressive as well as competitive. Drop me a line here or by email; we’ll talk about it.


~China Moon, Realtor®

Stark Company Realtors®


*CMA Definition: “Comparative Market Analysis”

An informal assessment of a property’s market value, usually done to establish a reasonable listing price when a property is placed for sale. The price is established by comparing the property to similar properties that have sold in the area within the past year.

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