Posted by: China Moon | October 27, 2006

Who are you and why do I care?

Who are you and why do I care?
Even with the wealth of home buying information available on the Internet, it’s a good idea to have me as your agent. The fees paid are nominal when you consider what all I can do for you.
Now you may ask; “China Moon, why should I hire you as my Agent?”

My answer would simply be, I’m not certain that you should. However, should you choose to interview me for the job as your Real Estate Agent, I can show you how I work, what I have to offer and how I get expedited results.

Then and only then may you answer that question for yourself and hopefully make a good decision.

Buying a home is a monumental event that can affect you for years to come — an agent like myself can help you make sure it’s a positive event. Among other things, a GREAT Agent will act as your home-buying expert, tour guide, negotiator, paperwork administrator, and, most importantly, your long-term trusted advisor.

Additional Benefits of Having China Moon as your Agent:
* I help you understand the different financing options available to you.

* I can refer you to 3 lenders who can help pre-approve you for a loan. Or, you may feel free to choose one of your own.

* I have access to homes for sale in the area that are not yet being marketed.

* I can help you stay on track and focused throughout the buying process, with the many appointments and events this process brings.

* I will handle ALL of the home-buying paperwork … and there’s a lot of paperwork.

* I can negotiate with sellers/buyers on your behalf.

* I can help you determine the realistic value of homes based on recent sales in the area as well as give you a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) on your current home.

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