Posted by: China Moon | October 26, 2006

Okí! (Hello!)

Welcome to This is my first post here. If you’ve never been to China (meaning me, not the country…) this will be the go-to place for news, updates, my opinions and the opinions of others in regards to the Real Estate game here in Wisconsin, the U.S. and abroad.


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Your comments are truly welcome in every regard and aspect. Although I prefer to deal with high-end properties, I don’t however turn my back on First Time Home Buyers who need guidance and have questions. I welcome all.

Hill Estate

You may find more information on my website here: A couple of FAQ’s that I’m usually asked right off the bat…

  • What’s the deal with your web address?

I take pride in my Siksika (Blackfoot) background and want to help my fellow Natives in addition to the general public in the importance of Home and Property ownership.

  • Your name is China Moon… Is your name hyphenated or what?

That’s correct; I’ve a total of 5 names, but you can call me China Moon. No hyphenated name that’s just how I am.

  • You look a little young for a Realtor®…

Why, thank you. It’s all in the genes.

Again, please feel free to ask me any questions here or by email. Services for buyers (NOW’s the time!) and Sellers.

Come back daily and chime in; remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil…


How can I help?  By listening and asking you questions you may not know to ask.

Contact me at your earliest convenience.

China Moon, Realtor®
Your #1 Native in Real Estate!

Stark Company Realtors®  ::: 1818 Parmenter St ::: Middleton WI 53562

The finest compliment I may receive is a referral from YOU.
Thank you for your Trust.


  1. It is refreshing to see young Natives aspiring to help their fellow man/woman. I hope to see more of your name around WI.


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